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30 Aug

Beaten, battered, and bruised from the weathers of the week, rest has finally set upon me. Looking on Facebook, I see the mentions of long weekend. Puzzled, I flip through my (un)trustworthy book of memory but only to find no entry for long weekends at the beginning of September!

I couldn’t let this slide, not when a potential long weekend is at stake. After a rough week at work, any holiday is welcome. I looked at my Facebook again, wanting to see who posted those glorious words. Then it hit me like a gong, that it was my Canadian friend posting! Suddenly, it all became clear as day. I had been reading in the wrong section of my memory book! I should have been reading under “Canada” – a section that’s getting moldy.

From afar, my “Canada” section of the brain still looks in good repair despite being neglected for 4 years. Up close, it’s a crumbling house that is standing on its last leg. I am glad my friends are helping me prop the house up from time to time, just enough to make sure the whole thing doesn’t collapse.

You should go back to Toronto, you would tell me.

But no, I can’t  just go back and get my memory house repaired. Leaving Hong Kong would be leaving the new memory house I am building over here. I don’t know about your houses, but I definitely wouldn’t let my workers leave my housing construction without finishing it.

Then you are just building a Tower of Babylon – you will never finish building it.

Well, in a way, yes. But I just built a foundation here, so I have to at least try to construct the first floor. It would be such a waste to leave the house with only its foundation laid and not put any roof on it. Yes, my friends, I love Toronto very much. I have no other home. But I won’t leave a project behind. But one day, I will be back. I will rebuild everything.


Hazy day

29 Aug

I love how I have a window seat in the office. I get to look at the glorious summer sun and the enticing blue sea, and of course those god-forsaken seagulls.

On every sunny day, the sea calls out to me. It demands my presence. It yearns for my attention.  It insists on my fixation. Oh how I wish I could be showered by the warmth of the summer sun right now. It is slowly setting on us, slowing giving way to the wet drizzle that is winter.

But no, that’s not what I saw from my desk today. A haze of grey blanketed the city, suffocating the sea, drowning out its cries. I look outside and I couldn’t find my usual gazing spot. I don’t know where to look. I wouldn’t say I panicked, but it was certainly disconcerting. The haze  painted shades of grey all over the bustling cityscape, and the sea was nowhere to be found. No more sea. The grey took the soothing yet imposing blue away.

It’s as if I lost my GPS. I feel directionless. Something that I took for granted everyday was suddenly gone. No matter how hard I looked, only grey remained. It was said that the weather could affect our mood. Yeah, I proved it certainly does. But the good news is, the Earth will keep spinning for at least another 5 billion years. Let’s hope the Earth rolls me something better tomorrow.

More Undusting

28 Aug

How much stuff can one have? And I don’t mean tangible stuff like toys or your sixth grade report card, but shards of memories that just come in and out.

I don’t know about you, but I think “too much” isn’t an overstatement. My friend, who I have known for nearly 20 years, got married last weekend. As I was writing my congratulatory message to him, images flickered in my head. Fragments of our friendship played out like scrambled PowerPoint slides.

It feels amazing that I have already known this guy for nearly 20 years. I haven’t seen him since moving back to Hong Kong, but the images have a fabric of yesterday. Maybe it’s the yesteryears that are catching up to me, but I am happy to have undusted childhood memories.

Work takes me away from reminiscing, but if I toss out the computer and the phone just for a day, I would be 8 years old all over again. All my memories belong to me. Good times.


27 Aug

Droning away at a desk job. I haven’t updated this blog in awhile. My heart is slowly rediscovering the fun of writing. I write, write, and write because it’s my job. But I realized this dust covered blog is something I care much more about. So today is undusting day (at work).

It’s not that I don’t like writing. In fact, I love to write. I was going to publish an article on my interview experience a year ago, but it’s still sitting in the storage bin, longing for me to either rid it of its existence or finish it. I dragged the doomed article to its final destination – the rubbish bin, but I had an epiphany just as my long, skinny finger was about to let go.

“You are looking for a job anyways, so why not save it for next time?” said my brain.

“Of course!” I echoed

Now I have two things on hand. One – undusting this blog; two – finding a new job.