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Starting anew

27 Mar


So I quit my old job. F that place with a cactus. Not that I hate it, mind you, I love the people there. I made some good friends there. Let’s just say the experience could have gone better if the boss wasn’t a total nutjob, 

Let’s set the sales target to be three times of this year’s! I think it’s normal. Every company does this.

Yeah, OK, you crazy sonofabitch. Operating in a saturated market, without new outlets nor new connections, and expecting more than double of last year’s figures. If someone else told me this, I would have said they were either delusional or high, or both. But it seems so unsurprising coming out from her mouth, much like hearing a beggar say what they were gonna do with lottery winnings. 

Well, I am gone, I am out of the fire, hopefully not into the frying pan. I love writing, and that’s what I am doing at the new job, or not, because I am writing this. At least the boss here doesn’t come in at 7am and start sending emails. I am done with being an “entrepreneur” on salary.

Friends of the old place, may you be able follow suit soon as well.