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12 Aug

A Tuesday morning is greeted with the sad news of Robin Williams’s passing. I would like to thank my friends who posted this news on Facebook – all 42 of you – but I didn’t really bother scrolling down further so I may have missed a few posts. The world mourns for his death.

Someone else on this side of the planet is also mourning, but for a different reason. She mourns for her grandmother, who had gone not long ago, and she’s fulfilling her duty for the last time. 

There is much sadness in the air today, and the weather decides to dress for the occasion with an dreary overcast. The internet provides me with much warranted details on Mr. Williams, the sky darkens from a white-ish grey to a black-ish grey. I really like it when the weather responds to the mood I am in, it feels like an everyday useless superpower.

The only uplifting news of the day is that I am able to get breaking news through friends on Facebook. Much like the spoilers it provided during the World Cup and for the movie that I am about to watch, Facebook is quite literally live text update of the happenings around the world. Everyone shares their mind with the rest, and even now, as I sit restlessly on my chair, the updates breathe fresh air on me, and giving me fresh impetus to stay awake on a gloomy afternoon.

Keep the updates coming, friends. It keeps me going on a Tuesday.



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