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12 Aug

A Tuesday morning is greeted with the sad news of Robin Williams’s passing. I would like to thank my friends who posted this news on Facebook – all 42 of you – but I didn’t really bother scrolling down further so I may have missed a few posts. The world mourns for his death.

Someone else on this side of the planet is also mourning, but for a different reason. She mourns for her grandmother, who had gone not long ago, and she’s fulfilling her duty for the last time. 

There is much sadness in the air today, and the weather decides to dress for the occasion with an dreary overcast. The internet provides me with much warranted details on Mr. Williams, the sky darkens from a white-ish grey to a black-ish grey. I really like it when the weather responds to the mood I am in, it feels like an everyday useless superpower.

The only uplifting news of the day is that I am able to get breaking news through friends on Facebook. Much like the spoilers it provided during the World Cup and for the movie that I am about to watch, Facebook is quite literally live text update of the happenings around the world. Everyone shares their mind with the rest, and even now, as I sit restlessly on my chair, the updates breathe fresh air on me, and giving me fresh impetus to stay awake on a gloomy afternoon.

Keep the updates coming, friends. It keeps me going on a Tuesday.



Going to the gym

25 Jul

So I signed up for the gym today. Dished out $7000 for 2 years. It’s not overly expensive for a gym membership, but I struggled for a decision. Part of me knew that I HAD to start working out because, well, guys my age should start watching our health. But, another part of me was saying – don’t kid yourself, you seriously gonna keep at this for 2 arduous years? That’s 24 months, bro.

I sat there for god-knows-how-long, but my friend pressed me for a decision because it was almost time for one of those free workout lessons. You know, one of those where you just punch and kick, as seen on TV with some lady telling me how good this sort of work out is and how the music will get me into the vibe. I never bought into this sort of punch-dance routine because who in their right mind would just sit at home, play the video and do it?

The salesman said (in Cantonese, obviously), “ you don’t have to sign up, but if you don’t, you won’t get the special offer and next time you would have to pay the normal price, which is double of what you’re paying today.”

This is the part I didn’t like. Are you serious? It’s not even a promotion. It was a referral price. If I came back another day with a gym member I won’t get the referral price. Sounds real logical. The rational part of me told me not to do it because I am too damn lazy for gym. But as always, the rational argument loses to the emotional appeal – I need to get in shape (for the ladies). That’s reason enough, right?

I took a deep breath, and whipped out my credit card with an underwhelming credit limit. I wasn’t even sure if it would go through. I was kind of hoping it wouldn’t. But, to the salesman’s delight, it did. Along with the receipt was a pile of contract which I had to sign in 300 places. At the end of the haze of contract and rules explanation, to which I just nodded my way through, I got a shiny red card which tells me I am a valued member of this gym. Congrats.

At least I don’t have to bring my own towels. That’s part of the VIP advantage, the salesman told me. At this point, freebies are no longer a priority. Let’s just hope my 7k investment is well worth the money.