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Seamless Transition, part 1

14 Apr


The great robotic minds of the future knows which line to change, which lines to say, and which lines to run when a change is necessary. They do this with ruthless efficiency, and will shed blood. Heck, they will even bring down the moon if it means doing the job properly. They are only bounded by programs, algorithms that tells them what to do and how to do. Just think of the Terminator – a cold killer who does nothing except executive the tasks assigned by his masters, a collective intelligence, or in the second and third movie, a human. You tell him what to do, and he’ll get the job done. Guaranteed.

We are edging ever closer to this reality, where essentially Terminators could take up anyone’s mundane job, deeming workers redundant. These excess workers will then be “displaced” (read: fired) so that management could better devote resources for other critical ventures. Millions will lose their jobs at a second’s notice. No emails are sent. Just a slip in every worker’s hand, and off they go. The cogs of the great corporate machine have just been replaced by better oiled cogs. 

Millions upon millions around the world, now replaced, return to their homes, contemplating on the coldblooded decision. Even Tim, the most efficient worker on the line, can’t understand why they would do this to him. He’s got Employee of the Month 6 months in a row, always had the best productivity, never complained, and was touted for promotion. He couldn’t understand why they just let everyone go. 

The news had no mention of any corporate downsizing tonight. The robot anchor, in her synthetic human voice, only read news of the anniversary of the invention of quantum computing, and various interviews with corporate big wigs and a bunch of dying scientists. Someone else’s joy was covering his sorrow. He couldn’t sleep that night, and just went to bed in his greased navy overalls, still thinking how did he ever lose his job. But, he was also thinking of a bigger problem now that his mind began to function again. Money. The bills are coming.